NXLEVEL GHOE NIGHTLIFE 2014 | Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group | Collegiate Homecoming Nightlife 2014
Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, LLC. hosts a series of upscale nightlife events for the mature collegiate crowd during North Carolina A&T State University's Homecoming (aka GHOE).
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Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group invites you to be a part of an unforgettable experience – GHOE NIGHTLIFE 2014. Here on the website, you’ll find information about Nxlevel’s Collegiate events taking place during North Carolina A&T State University’s Homecoming 2014. See photos, videos, and more from last year’s festivities. Purchase event tickets directly from your computer or phone. See any Nxlevel Member for Official Event Cards. Be sure to follow @Nxlevel on Twitter and Instagram for updates. Get ready for a Nxlevel experience.
GHOE Do's & Don'ts
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